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New Feature Highlights: StoneScribe’s Latest Release

Thursday, June 25th, 2015

StoneScribe is our records management & archiving solution for organizations wishing to manage their Jabber Instant Message records being delivered by the on-premise (IM & Presence Server) product.

StoneScribe’s latest release (3.2.3)  features focus on compliance functionality and ease of use. Here’s a quick summary of why now more than ever, StoneScribe helps your organization not only address legal and compliance issues, but make it even easier to mine important data from interactions across your organization, both internal and external:

Keyword Smart Actions:

This is our very favorite new feature in this release, and it likely will be yours. Here’s why: now you can designate keywords that will automatically trigger a selection of options.

Auto-tag: Designate certain keywords to be automatically tagged. This expedites future searches and eliminates the need for manual management.

Keyword alert: If a particular keyword is recorded in a message, alerts are sent to designated administrators.

Audit logging: If a particular keyword is recorded in a message, the incident is logged in the audit reports.

File Shredding:

(U.S. Dept. of Defense (DoD) compliant.)  Administrators have the option now to enable DoD level file shredding when records are destroyed at the end of their life. Who needs this? Anyone who has to certify that their data cannot be reconstituted later by forensic means once the record has been deleted.

1 click Troubleshooting Support:  

Hopefully you never need our tech support, but in case you do, we’ve made it very easy for any Administrator to send in the error logs with just one click to help us troubleshoot a problem.  No technical expertise required.

API available:  

Want to integrate your StoneScribe records management into other records management systems your organization uses? With this release now we offer an API to support that need.

More optimization for storage efficiency:

Audit trails and system logs will auto archive every 30 days to keep your StoneScribe system performing at its maximum speed.

As always, this upgrade is available at no additional charge to our existing clients.

If you aren’t yet running StoneScribe yet, but want to learn more, visit our product information page to see the full list of current features.

If you have any questions, or would like to see a demo, please contact us or your Cisco Reseller today!

Cisco Live: Getting You Where You Need to Go

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

Cisco Live, the biggest event for the Cisco community gets underway this coming Monday.  We’re excited to hear so many of you will be attending, and we are looking forward to catching up with new faces and old friends.

Catch a ride with us at Live!

Catch a ride with us at Live!

This year we are doing something a little different at Live:  we’re providing free transportation!  Be sure to check out our Donoma pedi-cabs that will be available Monday through Wednesday to run you between buildings or down to the historic Gaslight District to grab lunch or dinner.  Just provide your business card and the ride’s on us!

For any of you coming to San Diego and would like to connect, contact me!  I look forward to seeing everyone, having some great conversations and making new connections.

Let’s get going new places together!

Cindy DeHart
Director, World Wide Channels
(540) 443-3392

Introducing MediaScribe: Powerful Call Center Call Recordings Management for Cisco MediaSense

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

Businesses and organizations often need to record calls for a variety of reasons, including regulatory compliance, quality management, legal discovery, employee education, business intelligence, and customer service optimization.

What good are those records if they are hard to find?  Hard to manage? 

MediaScribe organizes and manages Cisco MediaSense call recordings for easy records management, compliance and best practice sharing.  It streamlines integrations, lowers costs, and organizes recordings, even multiparty conferences.

With MediaScribe, gaining value from business conversations is no longer a daunting challenge.  Now you can efficiently gather and analyze business intelligence from your organization’s daily customer conversations, manage compliance and provide rapid record retrieval.

Ready to learn more? 

Contact us or your Cisco reseller today for more information.

Message Vault now available in the cloud!

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

Voicemail archiving & litigation hold support can now be deployed in less than a day.

Got another litigation hold?  Need to archive voicemail records from your Cisco phone system NOW?  Be responsive and ready with Message Vault’s newest cloud-based release! 

With the speed of flexibility of the cloud, you can have a voicemail archiving solution in place in just a few hours. No new servers, no hassle.

  • Preserves data without spoliation
  • APIs available for additional integration
  • Intuitive, easy to use interface
  • Message redaction 
  • Policy driven retention & destruction

Do you have existing voice records (even from other systems) that need to be archived?

Talk to us about how we can help you bring critical records into Message Vault to streamline management, search & retrieval.

>Contact us to learn more!


Osterman Research: Top Reasons to Archive

Sunday, November 30th, 2014

Recently we had the pleasure of hosting archiving industry expert Mike Osterman of Osterman Research on a webinar where he shared his expertise on trends & best practices.

From that event we compiled the reasons why your organization should be archiving your communications into one summary document.

Access this one page summary of the top business drivers he is seeing drive the need for archiving communications today:

>>Access Osterman Research – Top Reasons to Archive Communications

Evolving Trends in Communication Records Preservation

Sunday, October 26th, 2014

Retention issues surrounding management of today’s most often overlooked electronic records. Which records do we need to keep, and how long do we have to keep them? What are the risks (and opportunities)?

These are issues that drove the demand for our Message Vault Cisco voicemail archiving solution and StoneScribe instant messaging archiving system for Cisco Jabber.  Addressing these communications records may be commonly overlooked today, but the solution is surprisingly streamlined.  Our solutions prove that good retention & risk management in retaining voicemail and Instant messages  doesn’t have to be costly.  We’re happy to show you in a quick demo.

>Read the full article:  Evolving Trends in Alternative Communication Preservation

>Request more information or demo

Message Vault Latest Release brings more integration & compliance features

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

If you run a Cisco phone system, you know Message Vault delivers secure policy-driven archiving for your communications records to comply with increasing litigation holds and regulatory compliance requirements.  

Today we are announcing our latest release that adds these exciting new features:

•  Integration into Cisco Jabber  For organizations who allow it, users can now access their own message archives from Cisco Jabber as well as the web. Now IT can let end users find & restore their own messages – anytime.

•  APIs available for additional integrations Want to integrate Message Vault’s archive with your existing records management system?  Our API set is now available to help you.

•  Advanced group policy management provided through configurable roles and permissions needed by compliance management personnel & policies.

Ready to learn more?  Contact your local Cisco reseller or contact us today 

For our existing Message Vault clients, this update is available today, under your Enhanced Support.  Just contact Support to schedule your free update!

Unify for Gmail – now 100% in the cloud!

Thursday, July 10th, 2014

You’ve been asking, and now we’ve delivered: pure cloud unified messaging for Gmail.

Unify for Gmail in the cloud

Now Gmail users can have the convenience of cloud-based unified messaging without the hassle of on-site servers.

  • Voicemail integrates with Gmail inbox.
  • No additional hardware needed.
  • Sets up in minutes.
  • Call control option with Cisco Jabber.
  • Federates with Cisco Instant Messaging.
  • Graphical call controls.
  • Automatic message cleanup.
  • Intuitive, no training needed.
  • No client software to install or manage.
  • Supports all major smartphone platforms.
  • Ready for Cisco BE6000 & HCS.
  • NOW – on premise virtual server or 100% cloud.

Ready to try it?  Request your free trial today!

Unify for Gmail completes Cisco Interoperability Verification Testing

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

It’s been a big week!

While we are all very excited about the latest release of Message Vault, we have more good news to share: Unify for Gmail has successfully passed Cisco Interoperability Verification Testing and it is certified for their UCS virtual server platforms.

Within the Cisco community these credentials offer additional peace of mind that our products have been verified by an independent testing lab to work with Cisco technology.  Now our entire Unify suite has IVT and UCS credentials.

Running Gmail?  Contact us today for info, pricing or a demo!

Learn more

Here’s the official joint news release from Cisco:

Blacksburg, Va. – (April  08, 2014) – Donoma Software, a registered Solution Developer in the Cisco Developer Network Program, announced today that its newest Unified Messaging Solution — Unify for Gmail 8.5 has successfully completed interoperability verification testing (IVT)* with Cisco Unity Connection,9.1.

Featuring integration with Cisco Jabber, Unify for Gmail 8.5 offers a robust enterprise solution that is: virtualization aware; fully scalable up to 100,000 users or 5,000 users/server; tightly  integrated with Cisco Presence and Cisco Jabber; easily archivable and searchable; and allows indexable documentation options expected from Donoma’s Unified Messaging Family. Unify for Gmail 8.5 supports the rapidly growing base of Gmail clients who run Cisco phone platforms and is available for immediate installation.

“Donoma worked collaboratively with Cisco personnel and preferred Cisco partners to design and extend the value of the Cisco platform for users on Gmail.  Unify for Gmail represents another Donoma Software solution supporting the value of unified messaging,” stated Parker Pearson, Vice President of Marketing, Donoma Software.

Using Donoma Software’s Unify for Gmail Solution, remote users can stay connected and share voicemail–via email– by utilizing voice mail options delivered to their Gmail inbox. Additional features include: presence indicators and federation with Cisco Unified Presence Server; graphical call controls within the message (including Click to Call and Click to IM); Caller ID; timestamps; message sensitivity flags; dynamic updates and message cleanup with “touch it once” completion. The integration of Cisco Jabber ensures IM recording and sync with other mobile devices to reduce communication cycle confusion.

Donoma Unify for Gmail with Cisco Jabber adds an important element to the Unified Messaging Solutions Family and fully integrates with Donoma Message Vault allowing the ability for archiving of voicemail and IM—making saving and filing messages or voice records as easily as other electronic documents or photos. Additionally, the Donoma Support model includes: Tablets; iPhone; Blackberry; Windows Phone; and Android plus install options for monitoring without adding additional burden to IT staff or extensive end user training. Additionally, users who migrated to Gmail but were previous Unify license holders may convert old licenses into new Unify for Gmail licenses with Donoma’s Trade Up option.

The Cisco Developer Network unites Cisco with third-party developers of hardware and software to deliver tested interoperable solutions to joint customers, harnessing the power and intelligence of the network.  As a Solution Developer, Donoma Software shares Cisco’s strong commitment to customer service and satisfaction; has completed multiple interoperability verification testing based on criteria set forth by Cisco; and supports customers 24 hour/7 days a week. With offerings such as Unify for Gmail 8.5, customers can deploy a broad range of Cisco compatible business applications, devices, or services that can enhance the capabilities, performance, and management of the Cisco network.  For more information on Unify for Gmail 8.5 interoperability with Cisco Unity Connection 9.1 go to:

About Donoma
Donoma Software is a Cisco Solution Developer specializing in solutions that add productivity, compliance, and cost-effective manageability to the Cisco Collaboration platform.  Since 2004, Donoma products have been used around the world to increase productivity, reduce risk and provide a higher level of responsiveness for clients. Donoma Unified Messaging solutions integrate voice messaging, mobile technology and e-mail to support the demand for flexible and feature rich electronic communications. Donoma Archiving applications address the issues of electronic record retention and compliance to archive client voicemail. For more information visit:

* Interoperability testing is designed to simulate typical customer configurations, and does not replace the need for on-site testing in conjunction with actual implementation.


Parker Pearson,
Vice President Marketing,
Donoma Software
(540) 443-3577
parker @

We’ve made it to (Unity Connection) 10!

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

Getting ready to deploy Cisco Unity Connection 10? Are you also running Lotus Notes?  Then you’ll be pleased to know Donoma Unify for Lotus Notes now supports UCN10!

For those of you already enjoying all the benefits of Unified Messaging with Unify for Notes 8.7 – there’s nothing for you to do.

If you are running a prior Unify for Notes version, contact us to arrange for your upgrade.  It’s free with your enhanced support subscription.

Are you a Cisco UCN client but not running Unify for Notes yet?

What are you waiting for?  Learn a little more online and then contact us or your Cisco reseller for more information!

For those of you running Unify for Gmail and Unify for GroupWise – we expect to have similar announcements as soon as they complete testing.