Donoma Message Vault

Archiving & Records Management
for Cisco® Voicemail

Donoma Message Vault

Meet Message Vault. 

Policy-driven retention that solves compliance & litigation needs right now.  

Message Vault makes it easy to ensure that voicemail records are retained according to policy with appropriate access controls and audit trails.  Its intuitive interface makes it easy for designated personnel to quickly access and produce the records they need.

Message Vault is used by organizations around the world to support a variety of needs, from litigation support to compliance with communications retention regulations.  Best of all, our unique architecture proves the unparalleled data integrity and retention policy compliance.

Key Features:
  • Archives messages immediately, regardless of end user action.
  • Policy-based retention.
  • Role-based Access Control for security, accountability & auditing.
  • Intuitive interface and usability features make it easy to filter & produce records rapidly.
  • Records may be redacted to protect sensitive data prior to sharing outside your organization.
  • Optional end‐user self service to replay & tag archived voicemails.
  • Available API for expanded integration options.

Available either on‐premise or via the cloud.

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· Archives messages immediately, regardless of end user deletions.

· Messages easily searchable as needed for download, restoration or reporting.

· Message Redaction. NEW

· Supports Cisco LiveRecord messages. NEW

· Optional feature for End-user self service for searching & restoring their own messages.

· Leverages Cisco’s familiar “Class of Service” settings to customize retention groups & policies.

· Ability to change message retention lengths (great for legal hold & discovery preparation).

· Message tagging.

· Preview messages via mini-player.

· Graphical real time disk storage display.

· Complete audit trail activity reporting with multiple administrator levels.

· Auto-check ensures all messages archived, even after a system outage .

· Supports easy archive re-location.