Donoma OneView

Insight for Call Detail, Call Accounting
& Call Quality Analysis

Performance, Quality & Usage Insight Made Easy.

OneView brings our expertise in making it easy to search Cisco communications metadata to meet a common need; insight & analytics that are easy to use and easy to understand.

This solution makes it very easy to view analytics from your Cisco phone system: from broad overviews to very specific performance metrics on specific calls.  In turn this data is easy to understand with our graphical reporting options and detail reporting tools. We even make sure that access to your analytics is role & policy based.

How is OneView better?

OneView provides insight and reporting into all three of the most common call detail reporting areas:

  • Call Quality
  • Call Detail
  • Call Accounting

Our intuitive interface makes it easy to find just the data you need, and then present it graphically to suit the needs of your audience.  The right data formatted for the right audience makes for better decision making and easier troubleshooting.

Additionally, we are currently the only solution for the Cisco platform that offers multiple layers of access control. This ensures that staff have appropriate policy-driven access to data.


  • Call Tracking and Reporting
  • Search, Analyze and Report Cisco CUCM Call Metadata
  • Alerts – 911 calls, missed calls, international calls
  • Call Quality/QoS – Jitter, Packet Loss, Latency, etc.
  • Policy-driven Access Control
  • Available as an On Premise or Cloud service