Donoma StoneScribe

Simplified Communications Records Management
for Cisco® IM & Presence (Jabber) Instant Messaging

Seamless records management, archiving & analytics for Cisco Jabber Instant Messages.

StoneScribe provides a solution to easily manage instant message records  for Cisco Jabber instant messaging that is policy-driven & auditable.  This solution makes it very easy to filter, find, manage and save records with pinpoint precision: great for  compliance, risk management, analytics & litigation support.

How is StoneScribe better?

StoneScribe is built exclusively for the Cisco platform, with an architecture that never interrupts the flow of messages that can slow or stop instant message communications.

Using Jabber on multiple devices?  StoneScribe will aggregate chat messages so you can see the entire conversation history in one place – something even Jabber cannot offer natively.

StoneScribe’s ease of use and compliance roles makes it easy for designated personnel to access the records they need quickly. Keyword SmartActions make it easy to track and notify usage of designated phrases or keywords enabling additional levels of responsiveness, training and organizational awareness.

Compliance & Records Management

  • Policy-driven message retention & management.
  • Extremely scalable policy-driven retention that can be adjusted with flexible granularity.
  • Multi-level compliance roles for additional information security.
  • Easy to filter, preview & produce conversations.
  • Authorized users can easily produce records in a variety of formats.
  • Option to retain files shared during chats.
  • Complete audit trail activity reporting.
  • U.S. Dept. of Defense Level File Shredding for additional security.

Productivity & Organizational Insight.

  • Consolidates Jabber chats from every device—with no additional license needed.
  • Smart Keyword Actions provide automatic notification, tracking and/or tagging.
  • Great for organizational insight, analytics &  training.
  • Easy, flexible search, filter & review of records.
  • Secure production of records (from individual chat to multiple thread exchanges) with flexible filters that are very easy to use.

Easy for IT

  • Highly scalable & optimized for a fully virtualized deployment.
  • Streamlined design does not impede or throttle message flow.
  • API for additional application integration.
  • Proactive application performance alerts & support.

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