Donoma Unify 8.7 For Gmail

Unified Messaging for Cisco® phone systems

Donoma Unify 8.7 for Gmail


 Today 9 out of 10 phone calls go to voicemail. Yet busy professionals cannot afford to let messages wait. Nor is it convenient to keep calling in to check messages.

There is a better solution.

Unify for Gmail synchronizes your Cisco voicemail account with your Gmail inbox. The moment a message arrives, it’s immediately accessible, with notification and playback within email.

Even better, Unify updates systems automatically with every action.  Delete the message in one place and it cleans up everywhere, even updating the message waiting light on your office phone.

No more message clutter or confusion. Just great responsiveness that keeps you in touch no matter where your workday takes you.

Why users love it:

  • Stay connected and informed. Voicemail messages delivered immediately via email.
  • One touch message management.  Dynamic updates between all systems.  Even the light on the phone.
  • Intuitive to use.  Voicemail is now as easy to use as email.
  • Cisco Jabber support provides real time availability status.

Why IT chooses it:

  • Quick installation process.
  • Virtually touch free once installed.
  • Outstanding, responsive support team.
  • No dedicated hardware required.
  • Cisco Compatible product certification.
  • Password independent synchronization.
  • Extended leave mailbox management feature.
  • Inactive accounts notification feature.