Donoma Unify for Gmail (Academic)

Unified Messaging for Cisco & Google Gmail
Education Edition

Unified Messaging

Streamlined Communications for Educators.  Delivered via the cloud.

Educators and academic support staff are rarely accessible by phone. Yet there’s a delicate network of communications happening every day to support student needs. The flow of communications for educators just got simpler with Unify for Gmail Academic.

This software delivers voicemail messages via email for speed, convenience and easy records management.

Now busy educators can stay in touch without the need for a desk phone. Voicemail is delivered to email, where it can be privately reviewed, filed, shared or calls returned easily. Touch that message once, and Unify takes care of the rest. No more communication delays or bottlenecks. Just great responsiveness that keeps educators connected.

Why users love it:

  • Stay connected and informed. Voicemail messages delivered immediately via email.
  • One touch message management.  Dynamic updates between all systems.  Even the light on the phone.
  • Intuitive to use.  Voicemail is now as easy to use as email.

Why IT chooses it:

  • Quick installation process.
  • Virtually touch free once installed.
  • Outstanding, responsive support team.
  • No hardware required.
  • Cisco Compatible product certification.
  • Password independent synchronization.
  • Extended leave mailbox management feature.
  • Inactive accounts notification feature.