Donoma Unify 8.7 For Lotus Notes

Integrated message management
for IBM Lotus Notes.

Donoma Unify for Lotus Notes

Today’s highly mobile workforce can receive office voicemail from their Smart phones and are no longer anchored to their desk phones. Customer Service reps can keep a single archive of voicemail and email. Teachers can stay in touch even when they are in the classroom. IT personnel can stay in touch even as they move throughout their support locations. Highly mobile professionals are never out of touch. No matter what, with Donoma Unify for Lotus Notes, your entire team is connected — wherever they are.

It’s easy. Unify for Lotus Notes integrates your email and voicemail intuitively — so there’s no need for training. It works with your existing equipment, eliminating IT headaches.

And it’s affordable. You’ll start seeing the benefits right away — in your productivity and on your bottom line.

Lotus Notes Interface

familiar Lotus inbox interface
Users will appreciate that Donoma Unify for Notes provides seamless integration with their familiar Lotus Notes email in-box. Therefore, the need for additional training is eliminated. You can use the same rules and filters for all messages, regardless of type with no new interface to learn.

Manage Messages More Effectively

Scan, prioritize and respond to all your messages from your Lotus Notes in-box. A quick glance at your in-box can show you the Caller ID for each voice message – you don’t have to wade through your entire voicemail in-box to retrieve that one very important message. No more constant calls to your voicemail system to be sure you’ve heard every important message.

Organize voice messages the same way you do email, so all communication can be retrieved from a single location. You can automatically copy voice messages to your choice of Notes folders to give you more flexibility to handle them quickly and efficiently.

Minimal Administration Effort

Easy consolidated administration

Donoma Unify gives the benefits of Unified Messaging coordinated with your existing Lotus Notes installation. There is no need for re-training your support staff and embarking on frequent patch updates to keep your information systems secure.

Additionally, support & maintenance includes managed support for ongoing administration, user moves and adds and ensuring continuing interoperability with patches and updates to supported Cisco Unity Connection and Lotus Notes platforms. Once the product is running, there is no administrative or support burden to IT.